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There’s No Excuse to be Board Posted On 20 July 2021

Re-discover Forgotten Board Games


Have you heard of Chaturanga? No? How about chess? Chaturanga is the original name for the now infamous board game: chess. Invented in India in the fifth century, chess is one of the oldest games that is still popular today with over 605 million adults across the globe regularly indulging in this pastime.

Considered a thinking man’s game, chess is a game of strategy and wit. On 20th July, 1924, the World Chess Federation was founded. Now we celebrate International Chess Day on this same day each year. Chess tournaments are held all over the world on this day and celebrations have been documented in over 178 countries!

How will you celebrate? Obviously, play (or learn to play) chess. If you can’t find a chess mate to play the game with, try playing chess online. There are computer programmes and apps for almost every skill level so you’re sure to find a game that will challenge you. You could consider joining a chess club, search online or have a look at local news boards to find a club near to you. In between your games, relax by watching a film or series revolved around the game of chess. Learn the true story of Josh Waitzkin’s journey to become an international master in the 1993 movie ‘Searching for Bobby Fischer’. ‘The Luzhin Denfense’ was released in 2000 and follows a chess player from Russia to Italy who battles stress, anxiety and the game of chess. A resurgence in popularity in chess can be attributed to Netflix’s ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ which tracks the tale of an extraordinary young player.

If chess doesn’t take your fancy, have a search through your old board games and dust off one to play. Test your linguistic ability with scrabble or desperately hunt for the right words to say in Articulate. Do try not to fall out with other players though- board games are highly competitive!

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