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New Year, New You Posted On 31 January 2022


Home moving guide for 2022


You’re starting 2022 as you mean to go on. New Year, new house, new start. Knowing what to do and who you’ll need to inform you’re moving will ensure that your move is as simple as possible.


Who to contact:


You will need to contact the DVLA to update both your vehicle registration and driving license. Make sure you do this AFTER you’ve moved in case you need your driving license for ID/ van hire. Another one not to forget is the electoral roll. You will also need to ask your local authority for a final council tax statement (you may even get a refund!). 


Contact your bank and credit card providers and inform them of your new address. Remember to also update investment funds, store loyalty card providers, and pension services of your address.


You should get in touch with your contents provider and let them know when and where you will be moving to. Use this opportunity to clarify what is insured during the move in case you need to get additional insurance through them or your removals company. You will also need to contact companies you have any of the following insurances with: car, home, mobile phone, pet, life, and health insurance.


In terms of utilities, you will need to contact your water, gas, and electricity providers. Let them know the exact date you’ll be moving and make sure you take meter readings and photographs of the meters on moving day in both your old and new home.


Any company you pay a regular bill to including home phone, broadband, mobile phone, or any subscription services will also need to know about your change of address.


It can take a couple of weeks to become registered at a new doctors or dentist’s surgery so make these a priority when you move. Your employer and your child’s school will need your updated address details.


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