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Melt-proof your Make-up Posted On 29 July 2021

How to beat the July heat


Heat and humidity aren’t your best friends when it comes to creating a flawless make-up look. Panda eyes from mascara tracks making their way slowly down your cheeks, oily skin where your foundation has become smudged and is now offering a patchwork effect rather than coverage. Combine this look with painful sunburn and you’re really not onto a winner. So, what can you do? Keep it simple.

Already a part of your daily skin routine (hopefully), additional exposure to the sun’s rays means it’s even more important to protect your skin in the summer months. When it’s warm, we naturally sweat more so applications need to be regular to be effective. Reapplying throughout the day can be tricky when your SPF usually features as the base of your makeup. A good solution to this is ‘Supergoop! Defense Refresh Setting Mist’, a spray-on sunscreen which offer factor 50 protection and can easily be spritzed on over your existing make-up.

Tone it down. There is no need to wear a full foundation, concealer, powder, bronzer combination. A heavy make-up look isn’t flattering in the full sun and won’t last long when applied.  Instead, apply SPF followed by a tinted moisturizer or BB cream. Set the look with face powder. Another option is to keep your skin bare (asides from SPF) and spot-correct where needed. When choosing face products, opt for ones with a matte finish rather than gloss or cream. Matte make-up is formulated without petrolatum, so it won’t sink into creases throughout the day. It also reduces the shine produced by excess oil from your skin. Another way to do this is to use a mattifying toner as the first step in your skin care routine. Salicylic acid toners will remove excess oil and will also help to keep your skin clear from acne.

Keep your eyes simple. Either get them tinted and use eyelash curlers (a 100% smudge-free option) or choose a waterproof mascara for an additional lift with staying power.

Choose a combined lip and cheek tint to ensure your look is dewy and natural. Selecting a tint instead of powder of lipstick will also last longer in hotter temperatures.

So there you have it, follow this simple guide to ensure your make-up isn’t the one that ends up having a melt-down – literally.

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