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DIY or better yet DIT (Do it together) Posted On 27 July 2021

Projects your Kids can help with


Completing a task together is a great chance to bond with your kids and the sense of accomplishment you will both feel when you have created something together is unbeatable. Getting kids involved with small scale DIY, or the newly named DIT, projects will build up a bank of skills they can use later in life as well as bolstering their confidence when attempting practical tasks.



  • Work together to create some new artwork for the walls. A project which can be as big or as small as you like, can be done with any age child and will make big impact on the appearance of your home – win. Make it special by going out to choose paint colours together, purchase small canvasses to make their work feel ‘professional’. There are some amazing ‘follow along’ drawing classes on YouTube that will guide you through the process step-by-step. For younger children, stencils are a sure-fire way to produce a piece of work which looks great. String art is also a fun project which will allow your child to use tools (under supervision) and is less messy than paints!



  • Terrariums are easy to build and require little upkeep. You will need small stones or pebbles, potting soil, activated charcoal (this will keep your water fresh), small tools, decoration (anything you like!) and plants. Into your glass container layer pebbles, then charcoal, followed by potting soil. Plants your largest plant first followed by any smaller ones. Place stones and other decorations to cover up the soil and add any finishing touches. Make sure you research the type of plants you will be using; you need slow-growing and small. You could try an air plant or sweet woodruff.


Birdfeeder or Birdhouse

  • A great option as after you have built this together, you’ll have the ongoing project of looking out for any birds who choose to feed or take up residence there. You can purchase flat-pack type kits for ease or if you’re feeling more adventurous build from scratch. Have a look at the one on the RSPB website for inspiration.


Most of all have fun, the main purpose of these projects is to have fun. The end product isn’t the most important part of the process.

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