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Boost Your Productivity when Working Remotely Posted On 28 January 2022


Tips to Ensure Efficiency


Working from home is once again being advised. Many people find that working from home offers a respite from the office grind. There is zero commute time, no fighting over your favourite office mug, and you are able to use your lunch hour as you choose to. Perhaps it’s when you nip the dog out for a quick walk or squeeze in your daily jog. You are far more in control of your time than ever before. The downside to this is that your home can quickly become a playground of distractions. No-one is clockwatching how long you take your morning coffee and there are no colleagues around to run ideas past. Working remotely can be fantastic, but you need to be in control, and you need to be productive. So, how can you do this?


Create Your Space:

Working on the edge of your kitchen table or relaxing on the sofa with your laptop just won’t cut it. You need to have a dedicated workspace which emulates the office environment. Ensure you are able to shut the door from the distractions the rest of your home offers and create a space which works for you. 


Be selective with your colour– colour can have a major impact on mood. Greens and blues are shown to be calming and boost productivity. Why not include some plants to purify your air and enhance the calm, cool and collected vibe you’re creating?


Plan Ahead:

Take the final 10 minutes of your workday to prioritise the tasks or projects you wish to achieve tomorrow. Doing this means you can hit the ground running when you return to your desk the next day.


Discover your Productive Window:

Work out when you’re most efficient. For some people it’s early in the morning, for others it’s the afternoons or evenings. Once you’ve identified yours, make sure this is the time you address the items of highest priority on your to-do list.


Finally set a stop time and stick to it. Overworking can lead to stress and burnout, harming not only your productivity but also your overall mental health and wellbeing. Set a firm time to bring your workday to a close and stick to it at all costs.

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