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A Simple Guide to Hanging Wallpaper Posted On 27 January 2022


Design Tips Simplified



Wallpaper is a design trend which has returned and seems in no hurry to leave. Wallpaper is a relatively cost-effective way to dramatically change the overall design of a space. Wallpaper can allow to you to create a statement wall in a master bedroom, entirely zone a powder room, or enhance the theme you are creating in any space. The off-putting factor for many is the terror of applying it. Wonky, misaligned patterns or bubbles or creases creating unwanted texture - fear not, read this guide to master wallpapering.


There are some tasks that you may need to do before hanging your wallpaper. Have you removed any existing wallpaper? Doing this will give you a smooth finish and avoid air bubbles and creases appearing when you hang the new wallpaper. You should ideally start hanging wallpaper in the corner on a wall with no windows and doors, which allows you to hang a full-length strip. Use a plumb line to draw a line from the ceiling to the skirting board, giving you a vertical guidance line to hang your first length of wallpaper. Start at the top of the wall with the right-hand side of the wallpaper on the vertical line. Try to keep the left-hand edge from touching the wall. Once everything is well lined up, smooth everything down with your paper hanging brush, working from the centre out.


With your first length firmly in place and right up to the edges, you can cut along the creases with wallpaper scissors. Time to start adding the rest. Line up the next length – be sure to match up the pattern. Repeat the stages explained. Try to leave at least 5cm at the top and bottom for trimming so you get a nice straight line at the end. Voila – the room is yours!

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