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A Decluttered Home leads to a decluttered Mind Posted On 26 July 2021

Easy Decluttering Tips


Clutter can easily build-up. The unopened post by the front door. The shoes which seem to be littered in every room of the house. The items you use all the time which never seem to find a home. Living in a space which seems ‘full’ or ‘busy’ means it can be harder to relax or find time to destress after a day’s work. Streamlining and decluttering your living space will leave you feeling ‘free-er’ as well as maximising your living space.

In your kitchen, make use of the storage you have. All kitchens have some amount (however limited) of cupboard space so use it wisely. Buy storage tidies to use inside drawers and cupboards so you can easily find what you need. When everything has a home, it’s easier to discover which items you actually do need and which are surplus. Mount racks on the back of cabinets or inside pantry doors to gain extra storage. Why not display bulky pots and pans via a suspended pot rack or simply from S-hooks on a pegboard instead of using vital cabinet space?

In your bathroom, check the expiry dates on your products. Make-up, sun cream and lotions all have use-by dates so should be regularly checked to make sure they are within date. Most bathrooms also have an awful lot of miscellaneous items: cotton wool buds out of their box, products half-used and forgotten about. Get rid of these surplus items, if you haven’t used something for over a year – get rid. Use labelled baskets in your under-the-sink storage to take advantage of this space.

In your bedroom, under-the-bed storage is a gamechanger. Spare bedding, towels, out-of-season clothes and accessories can all be folded and stored easily under here. Follow the Marie Kondo school of thought, do you use it? Does it spark joy? If the answer to both is no, consider getting rid of it.

In the living room, clear the coffee table. As the focal point when you enter the room, seeing this clear creates the illusion of a clear, open space. Choosing a coffee table with built in storage is another sneaky de-cluttering tip you could use.

Overall keep it clear and regularly think whether you need all the items you have. Having a sort-out every three months is a good way to ensure this task remains manageable.

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